Emanuele Urania - SLI Participant in 2012

"Imagination has always urged me towards far horizons and far destinations, travelling allows me to give a colour and a shape to my dreams"

Lingua originale italiana - Langue originale française

With this thought, I am seizing the day to describe in some words about the amazing experience I had while in Peking during Summer Law Institute last year, an experience that gave me the opportunity to fulfill a wish. My interest for China, for its culture and for its history began in 2009 in Paris, thanks to the bonds which were born with some Chinese students I had met. Thanks to them, I was able to share and learn about their culture and language which set an interesting chain of actions into motion. First, this bond was the catalyst for me to find myself attending, during my studies in Paris, a very interesting course on Chinese society, politics, internationals relations, economics and the Chinese Soft Power.

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Fabio Stella - SLI Participant in 2012


“It’s better to travel one thousand miles than to read one thousand books”

Before deciding to apply for the Summer Institute, China had never stepped into my plans for the future and for my personal career, I had classes on Chinese Contemporary History and Asian Culture, but never thought to leave even for a short period and experience something totally different from the never changing Italian background. I decided to apply for the Summer School, obtaining the opportunity to undergo a 6 months internship to the China – Italy Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou cause I realized that Asia in general and China in particular were the places to be in this very moment. 

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Francesco Napoli - SLI Participant in 2012

“In China everything is difficult, but nothing is impossible”

Lingua originale italiana

I decided to embark on this great adventure after the third year of Law School, rather early compared to most of my Summer Law Institute mates. This was not a disadvantage from my point of view, because it made me understand very clearly what I want from my future. The topics we studied during the Summer Law Institute were really interesting and useful, because the new frontier of law in China goes through Intellectual Property Law and Environmental Law and many of the employers in that country are looking for people with this knowledge and expertise.

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Katerina Ruzickova - SLI Participant in 2012 

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller who is foreign." Robert Louis Stevenson

I made the decision to apply for the Summer Law Institute in China mainly because of my interest in IPR and desire to see and learn more about how IPR enforcement and Competition Law truly worked in China, which is still a point of many debates and much contention. I was also very much interested in Chinese language and culture and wanted to spend the summer in China to combine summer courses with sight-seeing around Beijing.

The classes were interesting and enriching, there were many interesting presentations given by guest speakers from Western companies operating in Beijing and we received plenty of useful study materials well in advance before the courses started. Moreover, I enjoyed the time spent studying with and getting to know my fellow classmates.

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Andrea Marchesi - SLI Participant in 2012

"Studying in China: an opportunity for students and graduates"

Lingua originale italiana

My decision to apply for the “Summer School in China executive education training program”, started inJuly 2012,following many hesitations due to the geographical and cultural distance of the destination, together with a sort of concern for the efforts required to attend the classes. However, the interest for the topics of the lessons (Environmental Law and Intellectual Property Rights in a comparative perspective) along with my curiosity towards a developing country like China eventually prevailed over my initial uncertainties.

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