Veronica Palazzo - SLI Participant in 2011

"...a unique and special occasion to get in touch with another culture and... improve your interpersonal skills!"

My name is Veronica Palazzo and I am a 24 years old Law student at the University of Milan. In July 2011 I attended the “Summer Law Institute Program” at the Peking University School of Government in Beijing (China), organized and coordinated by the University of Milan. I would like to tell you something more about this important experience.

The Summer Law Institute program can be qualified as a multidisciplinary one: it is composed by two complementary curricula: “Intellectual Property Rights and China” and “Summer Institute Climate Change and Environmental Protection”. Obviously, the attendance is quite demanding, but certainly worth it.

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Silvia Cravesana - SLI Participant in 2011

"The Summer Law Institute has given me a completely new perspective on the opportunity that Asia can represent as a place to live and to work."

China is the most exciting growing economy in the world. Its fascination lies in the union between its ancient roots, its chaotic modernity and the tangible desire for progress.

Getting the insight on all that by sharing the views on China and “the West” with Chinese students was certainly one of the most significant assets of the Summer Law Institute in Beijing.

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Marco Bruno - SLI participant in 2011

"...after two years working in China, I fell in love with the country"

Lingua originale italiana

Attending the Summer Law Institute in China 2011 has been for me the first direct approach to China, and yet a pivotal step that later allowed me to fully experience the country. I would strongly and definitely recommend it as such. Not only I had the chance to be taught by local professors and to discuss the topics among a group of people coming from several continents but also the opportunity to personally meet with public officers as well as professionals in different fields.

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Margherita D'Ascanio - SLI participant in 2011

"The teaching style and contents were more interactive than the ones we were used to...and much more participation on behalf of the students was expected in the lectures."

The Summer Law Institute 2011 in Beijing on Intellectual Property and Climate Change has been meaningful, both from a personal and an academic point of view. Among other things, it has confirmed and developed my interest in Human Rights’matters. Indeed the courses of the summer school also offered the opportunity to study and think over some areas that are different from IP and Environmental Law. Problems concerning Fundamental Rights are strongly interrelated to Sustainable Development and International Competition Law and all have interconnected results.

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Riccardo Tremolada - SLI Participant in 2011

"The most interesting feature of the Summer Law Institute is that it actually allows outstanding students that show dedication and enthusiasm to access a vast and valuable networking"


If you are curious and not afraid of challenging your ideas, China is the place to be. In 2011 I had the chance to take part in the Summer Law Institute held at the Peking University School of Government in Beijing on Climate Change and Environmental Protection and Intellectual Property Rights and China. It was a terrific experience that allowed me to grow professionally and acquire a better understanding of this fast-moving economy.

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